A Servant’s Heart, a Lasting Legacy

Evelyn Jones had a true servant’s heart.  She believed in helping others make better lives for themselves. If she saw a need, she did all she could to fill it. She was fiercely independent and was never one to ask for or accept help from others. This is why she became so fond of Four Seasons; because Four Seasons taught Evelyn that there can be joy in receiving.

Evelyn’s Story

To those who knew her best, Evelyn is described as resilient, self-sufficient, and able to do anything she tried. She was an expert seamstress, exceptional gardener, skillful carpenter, dedicated Sunday school teacher, and devoted wife and friend.

In 1982, Evelyn’s husband, Hardy, developed cancer. She had always been able to take care of her home and family and was determined this time would be no different. When Hardy’s health declined, Evelyn realized – for the first time in her life – that she could not do it alone and she needed help.

Calling Four Seasons was a hard step for Evelyn. She was not accustomed to relying on help from others. But that phone call turned out to be one of the biggest lessons in her life; that accepting help does not mean one is unable or unwilling.

How Four Seasons Helped

In addition to Hardy’s medical team, Four Seasons sent a volunteer to sit with him for four hours each week so that Evelyn could run errands.  Evelyn called this time a “blessed relief” and the only time in the four years Hardy was sick that she could step away without feeling guilty.

Evelyn was grateful for the love, care, and support that Hardy received from Four Seasons. But it was the love, care, and support that she received that endeared Four Seasons to her.

Leaving a Legacy

When creating her estate plan, Evelyn knew she wanted to support the charities that had touched her life. Choosing Four Seasons was an easy choice for her.  It was her way of saying “Thank You” to the team that cared for Hardy and provided her with those four precious hours of freedom each week.

The gift she left in her Will is helping fund programs that are not covered through health insurance, like music therapy, chaplaincy, and grief services.

Evelyn lived her life dedicated to helping others. Through her estate gift, she continues to make life better for so many people. She will always be remembered for making a positive impact.


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