Delivering Memories & Treasures: Meet the Home Store Drivers!

Those aren’t “just” furniture delivery guys pulling into your driveway. They are a team of special individuals who understand there is a story behind every donation. Our Hospice Home Store drivers take the time to connect with the person donating items to the Hospice Home Store and they have the joy and privilege of hearing about so many enjoyable memories. Each driver understands that the donated items are not just furniture or boxes of dishes—each item comes with its own touching history. Often these stories can be filled with heavy emotions, such as a recent pickup when a daughter shared that the dining furniture and boxes of plates and platters belonged to her parents. She shared stories about her mother and father and was so thankful that the drivers were gentle and respectful as the items were picked up. And it isn’t just memories that our drivers pay attention to.

More Than “Just” a Job

Two Home Store drivers, James M., and Chris L. were making a scheduled pickup and realized the person at the home did not seem okay. They immediately called their manager, Teresa G., and explained that the woman needed our help. The woman had no family to help her and seemed to be disoriented and was overwhelmed with having to move. She had to be out of her apartment by a certain time. Ultimately the Home Store Team assessed the situation and gave her the name of someone who could help her find lodging and get packed and moved.

A significant portion of our donations come from individuals who are moving, downsizing, or redecorating. However, we also receive many donations from families who have had a loved one in Four Seasons Hospice Care. They donate to express gratitude and ensure that other families can have the same positive experience that they had. One of our donors shared that her husband, after months of cancer treatment, transitioned to Four Seasons Hospice Care and he received wonderful care at Elizabeth House. Her donation to the Hospice Home Store made her feel the symbolic circle of life in her community.

Team Growth

Behind our Home Store drivers is a logistics team, led by Teresa G. and assisted by James M., who coordinates all aspects of pickup and delivery. They receive phone calls for donations, coordinate the teams, and route for maximum efficiency- with 5-6 stops per day, per team, 5 days a week- as well as ensuring each item is delivered to the appropriate location.

The Hospice Home Store Drivers and Logistics Team are a vital part of the success of the Hospice Home Stores. Their focus on quality customer service has helped lead to significant growth. During the past five years, the Home Store has opened two additional stores, expanded to a second warehouse in Flat Rock, and grown our fleet of trucks from one truck and one van to five trucks and two vans.

Schedule a Pickup

At Four Seasons, logistics team members and Home Store drivers strive to make the experience of donating items or receiving purchased furniture an easy and enjoyable one. They realize each delivery or pickup has its own story with challenges, losses, and triumphs. And they would not want it any other way.

If you have donated items or shopped at one of our Hospice Home Stores, thank you. Each Purchase with Purpose supports patient care at Four Seasons. We appreciate your wonderful support. To schedule a pickup for items you would like to donate, please call our Logistics Team at 828.243.9497.