First Patient Turned Forever Legacy

When you are in Four Seasons’ care, you are family.  You are treated with respect, dignity, and kindness.  Lillian Meiggs understands what it means to be treated like family at Four Seasons.

Lillian’s Story

After choosing to stop treatment for a serious illness, Lillian’s husband, Bill, was admitted to Four Seasons’ inpatient unit, Elizabeth House. After a one-month stay, his prognosis improved and he was able to return home.  Four Seasons continued to care for Bill through in-home Palliative Care. All was going smoothly until Bill and Lillian moved to Buncombe County.  At that time, Four Seasons was not permitted to provide palliative care outside of Henderson County.

Nonetheless, Dr. Janet Bull, Four Seasons Chief Innovations Officer Emerita & Chief Medical Officer Emerita, was determined to see that Bill’s care continued seamlessly. “Dr. Bull went out of her way to ensure my husband continued to receive care at home.  Because of her, Four Seasons was able to provide palliative care in Buncombe County for the first time. And Bill was the first Four Seasons Palliative Care patient in the county.”

Over the three years that Bill received in-home palliative care, he and Lillian developed strong relationships with his nurses.  In fact, Bill’s care team helped celebrate his 77th birthday. Lillian baked a cake and invited Bill’s nurses to join them for a surprise birthday lunch. To say Bill was thrilled is an understatement.

In May 2005, Bill’s health declined, and it was time to return to Elizabeth House.  It was during this second stay that Lillian experienced the full depth of the family spirit at Four Seasons. When Bill passed, the nurses bathed, shaved, and dressed him, and they placed a rose in his hands. The nurses then stood with Lillian at Bill’s bedside while they played the song “If You Could See Me Now” by Kim Noblitt.

Lillian’s Gift to Four Seasons

This touching final act of kindness and the years of being treated with dignity and respect is what inspired Lillian to include a gift to Four Seasons in her Will. “There was no question about it.  I value what Four Seasons did for us and I know my gift will be put to good use. I want another husband or wife to feel what we felt.”

Through her gift, Lillian is establishing her legacy of providing care, kindness, and support to patients and their families for years to come.


Are you interested in leaving a gift to Four Seasons in your will?