In Memory of Veteran, Colin Flanagan

February 3, 1973- February 12, 2019

Having joined the Navy Reserve while at the University of Florida, and subsequently being on active duty on Aircraft Carrier America during the Vietnam War, I gained an appreciation of the value of military service.  The stories I shared with our son, coupled with Revolutionary War military service stories about my wife’s family became bedtime stories for our son, Colin.

When Colin announced he was enlisting in the Air Force we were both proud and apprehensive. I knew the experience would be good for him, but his mom was worried for his safety. He taught us how strong he was, and he gained lifelong friendships. His respect for the military continued after his discharge from the Air Force. He subsequently joined the Army National Guard while attending University.

Colin, at age 45, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. He entered hospice. His friends from military service were supportive and ever-present. We learned about the We Honor Veterans program as flags were placed at his door for both the Air Force and the Army. He was saluted by all who entered his room. His friends shared stories Colin had told them over the years. One friend said that Colin wanted a 7-word obituary which was “I salute all individuals who have served.”

My wife, Victoria, and I have 7 words for all of you- “We are the people who will remember.”

May peace be with you,

Dennis and Victoria Flanagan