Making a House a Home

Rinne Sade has always had a special connection with the mission of hospice, with she herself being a pioneer in the hospice movement in Charleston, SC. But through her relationship with the Home Stores, Rinne has connected her passion with Four Seasons.

In 1975, Rinne graduated with her RN from the Medical University of South Carolina and immediately went to work in ICU. During this time, she realized she had a special place in her heart for the families of her patients. She saw and understood their hurt of watching their loved one pass away before them. So, she decided to return to school and graduated with her master’s degree in counseling in 1981 from The Citadel. While in school, she completed an internship with a chaplain who specifically worked with terminally ill patients.

When the chaplain was contacted by two other nurses who were interested in starting a nonprofit hospice organization in Charleston, Rinne quickly jumped on board to help. Together, they founded Hospice of Charleston where Rinne was head of the Bereavement and Volunteer departments. They had one field nurse and the executive director besides herself at that time. Because hospice could not be billed to insurance at the time, patients had to pay out of pocket for care. Rinne and her team did their best to provide care for anyone in need, even if they were unable to pay. “I came to understand the need for nonprofit hospices at this time. People in need of care were turned away from for profits, but we were able to care for those who couldn’t afford care out of pocket,” said Rinne.

After having three children, Rinne needed more flexibility, so she switched careers. Years later Rinne and her husband Bob purchased a second home in Western NC where Rinne reconnected to the work she loved: hospice care. After closing on the house, Rinne asked her banker if they had recommendations for somewhere to furnish the home. The banker recommended The Hospice Home Store. Rinne left from the closing of her new home and headed straight to Downtown Hendersonville. When she entered the store, she immediately spotted a dining table she knew would be perfect. After spotting several other items, she approached Hendersonville Home Store Manager, Sheryl Seigler, who helped her fill not one, but two full truckloads of furniture to furnish Rinne’s home.

But Rinne’s support of the Home Store didn’t stop there. Within one week, she had completely furnished the 5500 square foot house and made it into their home. After visiting the Warehouse, Rinne met Home Store driver, Jesse Richardson, who helped her pick items to furnish their “TV Room” and later delivered those same items. Jesse and Home Store Logistics Coordinator, Kendall Delp, made many more trips to Rinne’s home over time, delivering and helping rearrange furniture with each visit.

After all was said and done, Rinne had purchased rugs (including a large Oriental rug), couches, tables, small décor items, artwork, dishware, silverware (which was hand curated and polished by a Home Store volunteer), outdoor furniture, a refrigerator, and so much more. “What makes shopping at the Home Store so special to me is that most of the items are donated from families whose loved one was served by Four Seasons,” explains Rinne.

One of her favorite purchases is a fine China set from England. The set was donated by a man whose wife passed in Four Seasons’ hospice care. With tears in his eyes, he explained to Sheryl that donating the set was very difficult for him because it was special to him and his wife; he felt like he was giving away a piece of her. The Home Store team researched the beautiful set with love, care, and respect and honored this donor and his story with a fair price. Upon hearing the story behind the China set, Rinne was immediately drawn to the set and purchased it: “Knowing that I purchased something that was so important to another person, and that those proceeds are directly supporting the very care this man’s wife received, moved my heart.”

Afterward, Rinne visited Four Seasons’ Elizabeth House where she experienced the heart of Four Seasons. In fact, she now wants to use her still up-to-date RN certification to volunteer with patients at Elizabeth House.

“My whole family now shops at the Home Stores. I couldn’t have had a better experience, from the managers to the drivers to the volunteers, the Home Store has blessed me just as much as I’ve blessed them. My own parents were served by hospice, and I can only hope that others have a Four Seasons-like organization near them when they need end-of-life care; death can be more peaceful than many believe. This is the importance of the nonprofit hospice, and community support is vital to ensure others continue to receive care from Four Seasons.”

View the Home Store commercial shot in Rinne’s beautiful home, now airing on WLOS, below!