Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care is a partnership between you, your child, your existing physicians and treatment team, and our Four Seasons Riversong team. Our goal is to provide life-enhancing care, so that your child can focus on being a child.

When we meet with you the first question we ask is “What’s Most Important to You?” We listen to your goals, your child’s wishes and work with your existing treatment teams to provide additional care that can make a positive impact on quality of life. Our care not only helps your child be more comfortable physically, but also provides emotional and spiritual care. We also support the caregiver(s) and family with training and resources.

Why is specialized pediatric care needed? What is the difference between these services for children and adults?

Listen to this video where our providers explain the need for specialized pediatric care in Western North Carolina and the difference Four Seasons can make in the lives of families in need.

Your gift to support our Riversong program provides quality Palliative and Hospice Care to children in your community.

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