Wally Ruck’s Gift to Lois’ Linens

Wally Ruck knew she wanted to make an impact in her community. So, she chose to give to charities through her estate. Her gift to Four Seasons helped fund the Lois’ Linens Endowment Fund which provides new twin sheets for hospice patients when a medical bed is delivered to their home. Wally’s gift will help ensure Lois’ Linens continues to provide linens to patients in need for years to come.

Wally’s Story

Wally was born in Ukraine in 1925, moved to Germany after WWII, and to the USA in 1955. She was happily married for almost 50 years and was known as a conscientious and hardworking accountant throughout her professional carrier. She and her husband retired in 1996 to Tryon Estates in Columbus, a year before he passed away. Wally’s greatest desire was to tell people that God cares about everyone, and as evidence of that, she tried to find ways to help needy people in the community. “It was therefore very fitting that Wally’s estate made Four Seasons a beneficiary, in recognition of their service to people who need loving end-of-life care. Wally herself experienced and appreciated your ministry, if only for a couple of days before her passing” explains Josef Ludwig, a longtime friend of Wally.

Lois’ Linens

Lois’ Linens was established in 2017 in memory of Lois Vera Cruz. When Lois entered Four Seasons hospice care, Four Seasons arranged for a hospital bed to be delivered to her home. Without twin-sized sheets to cover the bed, the family had to purchase them immediately.  Knowing that many households do not have twin-sized beds, and that every patient or family may not have the financial means or ability to get new sheets right away, the Vera Cruz family created Lois’ Linens, a program to provide new twin sheet sets to Four Seasons patients as needed.

In addition to donating new sets of sheets, members of the family- Malinda and Valen Vera Cruz, Kathie and Josef Ludwig, and Sharon and Robert Stepp- established an endowed fund at Four Seasons Foundation to provide ongoing support for Lois’ Linens. The community has rallied around support for Lois’ Linens. To date, nearly 300 new sets of twin sheets have been donated for patient use and more than $29,000 has been donated to support Lois’ Linens.

How You Can Help

Four Seasons is so grateful for the generosity of donors like Ms. Wally Ruck and for the initiative to support our patients and families from the Vera Cruz family. If you would like to support Lois’ Linens you can donate online (make sure to select “Lois’ Linens”) or drop new twin-sized sheets off at the Foundation Office. Your support has an immediate and meaningful impact on patients and families entering hospice care.


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Wally Ruck
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Paige Wheeler Accepts Wally Ruck's Donation
Paige Wheeler Accepts Wally Ruck's Donation