Appreciated securities are those that are worth more today than when you acquired them.  When you sell appreciated assets after owning them for one year, you will have to pay tax on the capital gain (the difference in your purchase price and the sell price). 

By donating these assets directly to charity, you avoid the capital gains tax. (It is important that you transfer the asset directly rather than selling it and donating the cash proceeds).

Gifting appreciated securities like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is an easy and tax-effective way to support organizations like Four Seasons.  

Talk with your tax or financial advisor to discuss the best strategy for making a gift of appreciated assets. 

Contact us to obtain our stock transfer instructions to provide to your financial advisor.

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Have questions, or need help setting up a gift in your will or trust?

Call our Director of Development Stephanie Wilson. If you've already set up a gift in your will or trust, please let us know so that we can recognize you.

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